Spring Into Action Workshop Vol. 6 DVD

Spring Into Action Workshop Vol. 6 DVD

Coach JJ demonstrates and highlights 17 of the most popular songs from CD’s  1 – 5.

Volume Six is easy to use, simply select a song from the DVD Menu and see:

  • The Basic Formation
  • Equipment Required
  • The Basic Motor Skills Developed

Coach JJ’s Volume Six Workshop allows you to quickly: 

  • Spiral through a variety of skills and drills for all type of learners – kinesthetic, visual and tactile.
  • Use a full-spectrum of equipment.

It’s Fitness Play with Coach JJ at your fingertips…Wanna Play?

Price: $22.00


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This DVD serves as a visual-aid to set the stage for an instant, successful physical education experience. It’s play with a purpose!


It’s a Thrill Soccer Drill


Locomotor Feet


Hug Your Fish


Boogitee Ball