Spring Into Action Vol. 2

Spring into Action with Coach JJ

Available on, Volume Two covers a variety of educational fitness concepts and delivers play with a purpose.

CD Song List

  1. Spring Into Action
    Activities to raise your heart rate & warm up muscles.
  2. [box type=”info”] Every song has its own Physical Challenge which ‘sets the stage’ for success! These are audio instructions describing how to teach the basic skills in the song. [/box]

  3. Muscles Physical Challenge
  4. Muscles
    Activities to strengthen and stretch the muscles.
  5. Human Compass
    Activities to learn about the directions of the compass using your body.
  6. Bayou Boogie
    Cardiovascular conditioning.
  7. What’s Holding You Up?
    Activities to learn about the skeletal system.
  8. Empty Calories
    Learning about good nutrition.
  9. Volleys and Bumps
    Activities that teach volleyball techniques.
  10. Free to Be
    Relaxing & cool down.


Price: $17.00


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