Music & DVD

Spring into action Volume One songs image

Spring into Action! Vol. 1

Available on, Volume One is filled with energetic, kid-type songs that build stamina, strength and self-esteem for a well-rounded workout.

Spring into action Volume 2 songs image

Spring into Action! Vol. 2

Available on, Volume Two covers a variety of educational fitness concepts and delivers play with a purpose.

Spectacular Safari songs

Spectacular Safari! Vol. 3

Volume Three creates a playtime full of funny animals who promote fitness play the Coach JJ way by stretching kid’s imaginations and muscles.

Do Something Great...Participate songs image

Do Something Great…Participate! Vol. 4

Volume Four, Coach JJ creates interactive play with a variety of invigorating exercise activities for kids that like a challenge.

Be a sport songs image

Be A Sport! Vol. 5

In Volume Five, Coach JJ includes a variety of soccer, basketball and volleyball skill drills, combined with with dynamic, fun songs.

Spring into Action! DVD Workshop Vol. 6

On Volume 6’s DVD, Coach JJ demonstrates and highlights 17 of the most popular songs from Volumes 1-5 CD’s.