Be A Sport! with Coach JJ

Improve your game and work up a sweat with Volume 5. Practice Coach JJ’s challenging routines and sharpen your skills and coordination while conditioning and strengthening your muscles and imagination.

Have a ball as you exercise for hours with Be a Sport! Wanna play?

Spring Into Action Partner Warm Up
Warm up activities that require no equipment.

Be A Sport
Coach JJ calls the sport commands. Requires no equipment.

Interactive Be A Sport!
An interactive leader calls the sport commands instead of Coach JJ.

Get Ready Skill Drill
A series of activities that require playground balls, beach balls, nerf balls and bean bags.

Dynamic Volleys and Bumps
Volleyballs & frisbees will be required for this series of exercises.

It’s A Thrill Soccer Drill
A drill that requires soccer balls.

It’s A Thrill Basketball Drill
Basketballs will be required for these drills.

Boogitee Ball
Activities that require beach balls and/or nerf balls.

All 27 songs on Vol. 5 : $17.00