Be A Sport Vol. 5

Be A Sport! With Coach JJ!

Volume Five includes a variety of soccer, basketball and volleyball skill drills, combined with with dynamic, fun songs.

CD Five Song List

  1. Spring Into Action Partner Warm Up
    Warm up activities that require no equipment.
  2. Be A Sport
    Coach JJ calls the sport commands. Requires no equipment.
  3. Interactive Be A Sport!
    An interactive leader calls the sport commands instead of Coach JJ.
  4. Get Ready Skill Drill
    A series of activities that require playground balls, beach balls, nerf balls and bean bags.
  5. Dynamic Volleys and Bumps
    Volleyballs & frisbees will be required for this series of exercises.
  6. It’s A Thrill Soccer Drill
    A drill that requires soccer balls.
  7. It’s A Thrill Basketball Drill
    Basketballs will be required for these drills.
  8. Boogitee BallActivities that require beach balls and/or nerf balls.


Price: $17.00